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Wolves Post 2nd And 3rd Place Team Scores As Wolf Point Hosts 2B/3C District Meet


(Photos by John Plestina)

With the regular season in the books, the Wolves track and field teams posted second and third place team scores for the boys’ and girls’ teams as Wolf Point hosted the District 2B/3C Meet Saturday, May 13.
Wolf Point, Poplar, Glasgow, Harlem and Malta were the 2B teams participated.
For 3B, Frazer, Lustre Christian, Nashua, Scobey, Saco, Hinsdale, Dodson and Whitewater participated.
Ahead is the Northern B Divisional meet in Glasgow Saturday, May 20 and the State B meet in Butte Friday and Saturday, May 26-27.

Class B Results
Team scores: Glasgow, 1st, 244; Wolf Point, 2nd, 117.5; Harlem, 3rd, 100.5; Malta, 4th, 49; Poplar, 5th, 12.
100m Run: Benji Phillips, Glasgow, 1st, 11.62; Damon Adams, Harlem, 2nd, 11.66; Wesley Weeks, WPHS, 3rd, 11.98; Tyler Fitzsimmons, Glasgow, 4th, 12.25; Brady Babb, WPHS, 5th, 12.39 [personal best]; Cole Grandchamp, WPHS, 6th, 12.52; Marques White Horse, WPHS, 10th, 12.88; Deshon Smoker-DeWitt, WPHS, 12th, 13.15.
200m Run: Benji Phillips, Glasgow, 1st, 23.98; Damon Adams, Harlem, 2nd, 23.99; Brett Glaser, Glasgow, 3rd, 24.55; Fitzsimmons, Glasgow, 4th, 25.14; Tanner Smith, Malta, 5th, 25.58; Cody Cronmiller, Glasgow, 6th, 25.64; Babb, WPHS, 7th, 25.76; Logan Heser, WPHS, 8th, 26.05; White Horse, WPHS, 10th, 26.54; Kenny Boos, WPHS, 12th, 27.62..
400m Run: Adams, Harlem, 1st, 52.11; Phillips, Glasgow, 2nd, 52.16; Owen Lepper, WPHS, 3rd, 53.41; Glaser, Glasgow, 4th, 53.45; Nick Page, WPHS, 5th, 55.31 [personal best]; Dexter Monson, Glasgow, 6th, 58.79; Christian Bird Hat, WPHS, 11th, 1:07.51 [personal best].
800m Run: Cade Myrick, Glasgow, 1st, 2:06.72; Taggert Devaney, Harlem, 2nd, 2:07.89; Jace Bishop, Malta, 3rd, 2:11.84; Alec Boland, Glasgow, Glasgow, 4th, 2:12.81; Hallock, Glasgow, 5th, 2:17.22; Tuyen Tran, Poplar, 6th, 2:19.71.
1600m Run: Ellis McKean. Glasgow, 1st, 4:56.39; Merlin McKean, Glasgow, 2nd, 4:57.51; Hallock, Glasgow, 3rd, 5:02.29; Wilson Overby, Glasgow, 4th, 5:09.74; Myrick, Glasgow, 5th, 5:10.18; Kendall Moore, Malta, 6th, 5:36.90.
3200m Run: Ellis McKean. Glasgow, 1st, 10:44.78; Merlin McKean, Glasgow, 2nd, 10:51.05; Overby, Glasgow, 3rd, 10:57.93; Colin Jamba, Glasgow, 4th, 11:49.12; Kaden Zimmerman, Glasgow, 5th, 12:04.96; Jacob Lonebear, Poplar, 6th, 13:06.03.
110m Hurdles: Luke Breigenzer, Glasgow, 1st, 16.45; Tyus Hammett, Harlem, 2nd, 17.12; Tel Jensen, Malta, 3rd, 18.31; Kenny Boos, WPHS, 4th, 19.11; Tayson Hoerster, Glasgow, 5th, 19.80; Damian Schuhmacher, Harlem, 6th, 19.80.
300m Hurdles: Breigenzer, Glasgow, 1st, 42.99; Devaney, Harlem, 2nd, 45.68; Cronmiller, Glasgow, 3rd, 47.67; Hammett, Harlem, 4th, 49.2; Hoerster, Glasgow, 5th, 49.31; Kolter Schipman, Malta, 6th, 50.49.
4x100 Relay: WPHS [Babb, Lepper, Page, Wesley Weeks], 1st, 45.91; Harlem, 2nd, 47.54; Malta, 3rd, 48.80; Glasgow, 4th, 53.94.
4x400 Relay: WPHS, [Babb, Lepper, Page, Wesley Weeks], 1st, 3:45.09; Glasgow, 3rd, 3:51.57; Malta, 4th, 4:05.88; Poplar [Stormy Four Star, Jacob Lonebear, Tuyen Tran, Jacob Werner], 5th, 4:25.46.
Shot Put: Reece Hutton, Harlem, 1st, 47-07.00; Weeks, WPHS, 2nd, 43-08.00; Glaser, Glasgow, 3rd, 41-00.00; Andres Lopez, Malta, 4th, 40-06.50; Jeffrey Berger, Poplar, 5th, 38-06.50,; Jalen Lamb, Malta, 6th, 37-08.00; Jordan Clark, WPHS, 8th, 36-07.00; Treyton Lilley, WPHS, 9th, 34-02.00 [personal best]; Ty Nygard, WPHS, 15th, 30-10.00; Brandon Smith, WPHS, 17th, 29-02.50.
Discus: Hutton, Harlem, 1st, 137-06; Weeks, WPHS, 2nd, 117-02 [school record]; Ben Miller, Glasgow, 3rd, 111-02; Ty Nygard, WPHS, 4th, 109-10; Jordan Clark, WPHS, 5th, 108-10; Treyton Lilley, WPHS, 6th, 107-11; Chevy Boos, WPHS, 8th, 99-10.
Javelin: Phillips, Glasgow, 1st, 197-02; Myrick, Glasgow, 2nd, 158-07; Berger, Poplar, 3rd, 145-01; Nik Herman, Glasgow, 4th, 129-01; Lamb, Malta, 5th, 123-07; Skye Buckles, Glasgow, 6th, 120-04; Chevy Boos, WPHS, 8th, 116-01; Page, WPHS, 10th, 108-09; Smoker-DeWitt, WPHS, 12th, 105-06 [personal best]; Lilley, WPHS, 13th, 98-04; Nick Corne, WPHS, 15th, 84-08.
High Jump: Lepper, WPHS, 1st, 6-02.00 [personal best]; Hammett, Harlem, 2nd, 6-00.00; Tanner Smith, Malta, 3rd, 5-08.00; Bishop, Malta, 4th, 5-06.00; Marques White Horse, WPHS, 5th, 5-04.00; Schuhmacher, Harlem, 6th, 5-04.00; Boos, WPHS, 10th, 5-00.00.
Pole Vault: Quinn Whitmus, WPHS, 1st, 11-06.00 [personal best]; Brady Babb, WPHS, 2nd, 10-06.00; Kyle Ross, Glasgow, 3rd, 10-00.00; Matt Reyling, Glasgow, 4th, 9-06.00; Page, WPHS, 5th, 9-06.00 [personal best]; Logan Heser, WPHS, 6th, 9-06.00 [personal best]; Triesten Kemp, WPHS, 9th, 8-00.00.
Long Jump: Phillips, Glasgow, 1st, 19-10.50; Lepper, WPHS, 2nd, 19-07.00; Glaser, Glasgow, 3rd, 18-08.75; White Horse, WPHS, 4th, 18-04.00; Cronmiller, Glasgow, 5th, 17-05.75; Herbert, Glasgow, 6th, 17-04.25; Cole Grandchamp, WPHS, 10th, 16-02.00; Smoker-DeWitt, WPHS, 11th, 15-08.00;
Heser, WPHS, 13th, 15-00.50.
Triple jump: Glaser, Glasgow, 1st, 41-03.00; White Horse, WPHS, 2nd, 38-10.00 [personal best]; Herbert, Glasgow, 3rd, 38-04.00; Jensen, Malta, 4th, 37-04.00; Smith, Malta, 5th, 36-11.50; Grandchamp, WPHS, 6th, 34-05.50 [personal best]; Smoker-DeWitt, WPHS, 8th, 33-08.50.
Team scores: Glasgow, 1st, 197; Malta, 2nd, 152; Wolf Point, 3rd, 65.5; Harlem, 4th, 48.5; Poplar, 5th, 45.
100m Run: Emily Kolstad, Glasgow, 1st, 14.10; Jordan Kulczyk, Glasgow, 2nd, 14.31; Kylee Stump, Poplar, 3rd, 14.35; Anika Peters, Glasgow, 4th, 14.65; Tyisha Begs His Own, Glasgow, 5th, 14.66; Paisley Ferdina, WPHS, and Haylee Johnson, Harlem, tie 6th, 14.94.
200m Run: Brenna Kurokawa, WPHS, 2nd, 28.67 [personal best]; Emily Kolstad, Glasgow, 2nd, 28.75; Brinlie Nielsen, Glasgow, 3rd, 29.40; Abby Juve, WPHS, 4th, 30.57; Begs His Own, Glasgow, 5th, 30.77; Johnson, Harlem, 6th, 30.87.
400m Run: Nielsen, Glasgow, 1st, 1:05.34; Stump, Poplar, 2nd, 1:08.17; Juve, WPHS, 3rd, 1:08.90 [personal best]; Ellie Page, Glasgow, 4th, 1:13.34; Kaylanna Bain, Malta, 5th, 1:17.29.
800m Run: Kolstad, Glasgow, 1st, 2:34.78; Nielsen, Glasgow, 2nd, 2:35.38; TaChante’ Cole, Malta, 3rd, 2:44.64; Jillian O’Brien, Malta, 4th, 3:10.26.
1600m Run: L’Tia Lawrence, Harlem, 1st, 5:53.20; Cole, Malta, 2nd, 6:11.71; Brooke Westby, Glasgow, 3rd, 6:23.01; Andrea Hale, Poplar, 4th, 6:26.56; Ali Cunningham, Glasgow, 5, 6:30.35; O’Brien, Malta, 6th, 7:21.86.
3200m Run: Lawrence, Harlem, 1st, 12:35.59; Hale, Poplar, 2nd, 13:49.99; Faith Sallee, Glasgow, 3rd, 14:10.47; Westby, Glasgow, 4th, 15:27.33; Cunningham, Glasgow, 5th, 15:48.33.
100m Hurdles: Sophia Stiles, Malta, 1st, 16.92; Sallee, Glasgow, 2nd, 19.24; Kelbee Denham, Malta, 3rd, 19.91; Kaylanna Bain, Malta, 4th, 21.01; Jacora Youngman, Poplar, 5th, 22.40; Stump, Poplar, 6th, 22.71.
300m Hurdles: Stiles, Malta, 1st, 49.84; Sallee, Glasgow, 2nd, 52.98; Kaylee King, Glasgow, 3rd, 54.29; Kelbee Denham, Malta, 4th, 54.80; Ashton Oxarart, Malta, 5th, 57.10; Page, Glasgow, 6th, 58.68.
4x100 Relay: Glasgow, 1st, 53.78; WPHS [Ferdina, Samantha Goodman, Juve, Kurokawa], 2nd, 55.25;
Malta, 3rd, 57.37.
4x400 Relay: Malta, 1st, 4:49.02; Poplar [Emily Hagadone, Stump, Jacora Youngman], 2nd, 4:58.46;
Glasgow, 3rd, 4:59.45.
Shot Put: Leinie Hughes, Glasgow, 1st, 34-10.00; Shay Garfield, Malta, 2nd, 31-01.00; Haylee Johnson, Harlem, 3rd, 30-04.50; Keally Genia, Poplar, 4th, 29-10.00; Ella Schye, Malta, 5th, 28-10.00; Janaeya Sutherland, Poplar, 6th, 28-06.50.
Discus: Garfield, Malta, 1st, 94-09; Carly Garfield, Malta, 2nd, 91-02; Hughes, Glasgow; 3rd, 89-01; Regan Zerbe, Glasgow, 4th, 87-01; Eleena Sherman, Poplar, 5th, 84-09; Brennan Peters, Glasgow, 6th, 82-03.
Javelin: Kyleigh Schipman, Malta, 1st, 108-01; Kulczyk, Glasgow, 2nd, 107-11; Haylee Johnson, Harlem, 3rd, 92-06; Schye, Malta, 4th, 91-04; Shay Garfield, Malta, 5th, 88-09; Emily Hagadone, Poplar, 6th, 87-01.
High Jump: Sophia Stiles, Malta, 1st, 5-05.00; Juve, WPHS, 2nd, 4-10.00; Lawrence, Harlem, 3rd, 4-08.00; O’Brien, Malta, 4th, 4-08.00; King, Glasgow, 5th, 4-08.00; Page, Glasgow, 6th, 4-02.00.
Pole Vault: Kurokawa, WPHS, 1st, 8-06.00; Katie Kaiser, Glasgow, 2nd, , 8-00.00; Juve, WPHS, 3rd, 7-06.00; Ferdina, WPHS, 4th, 7-06.00 [personal best]; King, Glasgow, 5th, 7-00.00; 6. Samantha Goodman, WPHS, 6th, 7-00.00.
Long Jump: Stiles, Malta, 1st, 15-01.00; Kulczyk, Glasgow, 2nd, 14-00.00; Kurokawa, WPHS, 3rd, 13-09.50; Peters, Glasgow, 4th, 13-06.50; Ferdina, WPHS, 5th, 13-00.00 [personal best]; Lawrence, Harlem, 6th, 12-07.00; Goodman, WPHS, 9th, 11-09.50.
Triple Jump: Stiles, Malta, 1st, 34-05.50; Lawrence, Harlem, 2nd, 30-05.00; King, Glasgow, 3rd, 30-01.75; Sallee, Glasgow, 4th, 29-09.50; Peters, Glasgow, 5th, 29-07.50; Kelbee Denham, Malta, 6th, 27-10.00.

District 3C Results
Team scores: Scobey, 1st, 258.5; Nashua, 2nd, 63.5; Whitewater, 3rd, 48; Frazer, 4th, 46; Hinsdale, 5th, 46; Saco, 6th, 32; Dodson, 7th, 4; Lustre Christian, 8th, 1.
100m Run: Riley Linder, Scobey, 1st, 12.27; Gunner Greene, Nashua, 2nd, 12.51; Micah Solberg, Scobey, 3rd, 12.53; John McColly, Hinsdale, 4th, 12.58; Cassidy Greene, Nashua, 5th, 12.81; Wick Cole, Scobey, 6th, 12.85.
200m Run: Brandon Machart, Scobey, 1st, 25.02; Linder, Scobey, 2nd, 25.29; Gunner Greene, Nashua, 3rd, 25.71; Chase Williams, Nashua, 4th, 25.81; Solberg, Scobey, 5th, 25.98; Cassidy Greene, Nashua, 6th, 26.48.
400m Run: Martin Farver, Scobey, 1st, 53.24; Machart, Scobey, 2nd, 53.94; C.J. Nelson, Scobey, 3rd, 58.70; Solberg, Scobey, 4th, 59.08; Brady Albus, , Saco, 5th, 1:00.87; Etien de Gruiter, Lustre Christian, 6th, 1:01.28.
800m Run: Preston Baldry, Scobey, 1st, 2:10.86; Albus, Saco, 2nd, 2:15.27; Cordell Younkin, Hinsdale, 3rd, 2:23.88; Wyatt Miller, Frazer, 4th, 2:28.21; Cody Scheffelmear, Whitewater, 5th, 2:30.72; Trey Girard, Scobey, 6th, 2:40.46.
1600m Run: Ralston, Scobey, 1st, 5:11.36; Miller, Frazer, 2nd, 5:16.89; Younkin, Hinsdale, 3rd, 5:19.74; Kannon Ferestad, Scobey, 4th, 5:39.48; Dakota Linder, Scobey, 5th, 5:41.23; Brayden Cromwell, Scobey, 6th, 5:44.27.
3200m Run: Ralston, Scobey, 1st, 11:17.42; Miller, Frazer, 2nd, 11:32.07; Dakota Linder, Scobey, 3rd, 12:22.11; Kannon Ferestad, Scobey, 4th, 12:39.91; Prewitt Leibrand, Scobey, 5th, 14:29.31
110m Hurdles: Cole, Scobey, 1st, 17.60; Farver, Scobey, 2nd, 18.41; McColly, Hinsdale, 3rd, 18.49; Max Cole, Scobey, 4th, 19.55.
300m Hurdles: Linder, Scobey, 1st, 43.82; Trace Simonson, Whitewater, 2nd, 44.95; Farver, Scobey, 3rd, 46.34; McColly, Hinsdale, 4th, 49.05.
4x100 Relay: Scobey, 1st, 46.58; Nashua, 2nd, 53.72; Saco, 3rd, 54.09.
4x400 Relay: Scobey, 1st, 3:49.75; Nashua, 2nd, 4:07.09.
Shot Put: Dallas Reese, Frazer, 1st, 50-11.00; Jayson Jackson, Frazer, 2nd, 43-05.00; Dylan Sanner, Nashua, 3rd, 38-02.00; David Jaynes, Dodson, 4th, 37-10.00; Cooper Booth, Scobey, 5th, 37-10.00; Austin Leatherberry, Hinsdale, 6th, 37-07.00.
Discus: Simonson, Whitewater, 1st, 140-08; Jackson, Frazer, 2nd, 118-06; Leatherberry, Hinsdale, 3rd, 109-08; Jeremy Handy, Scobey, 4th, 104-00; Nelson, Scobey, 5th, 95-08; Tucker Gaustad, Scobey, 6th, 88-10.
Javelin: Gaustad, Scobey, 1st, 149-08; Nelson, Scobey, 2nd, 147-09; Riley Linder, Scobey, 3rd, 140-05; Simonson, Whitewater, 4th, 130-06; Cooper Guastad, Scobey, 5th, 129-03; Nolan Viste, Nashua, 6th, 126-05.
High Jump: Simonson, Whitewater, 1st, 5-10.00; Ethan Anderson, Scobey, 2nd, 5-08.00; Cody Scheffelmear, Whitewater, 3rd, 5-06.00; Ty Murphy, Saco, 4th, 5-04.00; Dustin Ostrom, Saco, 5th, 5-02.00; Kenneth Hammerly, Scobey, and Dylan Sanner, Nashua, tie 6th, 4-08.00.
Pole Vault: Anders Knudsen, Scobey, 1st, 11-06.00; Murphy, Saco, 2nd, 10-06.00; Cordell Younkin, Hinsdale, and Nelson, Scobey, tie 3rd, 8-06.00; Josh Salveson, Saco, 5th, 8-00.00.
Long Jump: Anderson, Scobey, 1st, 18-10.50; Nolan Viste, Nashua, 2nd, 18-00.75; McColly, Hinsdale, 3rd, 17-04.75; Dylan Sanner, Nashua, 4th, 16-11.25; 5. Ethan Viste, Nashua, 5th, 16-02.75; Trey Girard, Scobey, 6th, 16-00.75.
Triple Jump: Anderson, Scobey, 1st, 39-03.50; Simonson, Whitewater, 2nd, 39-01.50; Nelson, Scobey, 3rd, 37-07.00; Nolan Viste, Nashua, 4th, 36-02.50; McColly, Hinsdale, 5th, 36-01.00; Ethan Viste, Nashua, 6th, 36-00.00.
Team scores: Scobey, 1st, 200; Frazer, 2nd, 68; Saco, 3rd, 57; Nashua, 4th, 54; Hinsdale, 5th, 29; Lustre Christian, 6th, 24; Whitewater, 7th, 16; Dodson, 8th, 10.
100m Run: Tia Hallock, Scobey, 1st, 13.76; Mya Fourstar, Frazer, 2nd, 14.08; Kaitlin Farver, Scobey, 3rd, 14.38; Taylor Laumeyer, Nashua, 4th, 14.46; Bailey Funk, Saco, 5th, 14.47; Alexandria Lapke, Scobey, 6th, 14.55.
200m Run: Fourstar, Frazer, 1st, 29.65; Kassidy Dahl, Scobey, 2nd, 30.13; Sarah Anderson, Scobey, 3rd, 30.86; Emily Eggar, Lustre Christian, 4th, 31.15; Kaitlyn Hansen, Nashua, 5th, 31.19; Kylee Cook, Scobey, 6th, 31.58.
400m Run: Lapke, Scobey, 1st, 1:05.05; Sydney Zeller, Saco, 2nd, 1:08.81; Brooklyn Ferestad, Scobey, 3rd, 1:09.12; Riley Holum, Scobey, 4th, 1:09.63; Olivia Brown, Lustre Christian, 5th, 1:13.46; Isabella Lawless, Whitewater, 6th, 1:22.26.
800m Run: Mayson Hudyma, Scobey, 1st, 2:32.53; Kortney Nelson, Scobey, 2nd, 2:40.85; Cyrenna Standing, Frazer, 3rd, 2:43.99; Sydney Zeller, Saco, 4th, 2:46.37; Sierra Summers, Frazer, 5th, 2:54.15; Lawless, Whitewater, 6th, 3:04.78.
1600m Run: Mayson Hudyma, Scobey, 1st, 5:54.06; Summers, Frazer, 2nd, 5:57.25; Nelson, Scobey, 3rd, 6:06.88; Standing, Frazer, 4th, 6:12.91; Abria Boze, Scobey, 5th, 7:04.46; Kiera Tuggle, Scobey, 6th, 8:15.44.
3200m Run: Summers, Frazer, 1st, 13:19.80; Standing, Frazer, 2nd, 13:57.12; Boze, Scobey, 3rd; Tuggle, Scobey, 4th, 18:13.33.
100m Hurdles: Hallock, Scobey, 1st, 16.75; Farver, Scobey, 2nd, 18.31; Kaitlyn Hansen, Nashua, 3rd, 18.68; Elli Linder, Scobey, 4th, 19.46.
300m Hurdles: Hallock, Scobey, 1st, 51.36; Linder, Scobey, 2nd, 54.26; Hansen, Nashua, 3rd, 57.53.
4x100 Relay: Scobey, 1st, 56.10.
4x400 Relay: Scobey, 1st, 4:48.56.
Shot Put: Laumeyer, Nashua, 1st, 37-10.00; Kayleigh Cummings, Whitewater, 2nd, 33-03.00; Mickayla Johnson, Hinsdale, 3rd; 4. Christina Jaynes, Dodson, 4th, 29-10.00; Isabella Lawless, Whitewater, 5th, 28-04.00; Kylie Kirkaldie, Lustre Christian, 6th, 27-04.00.
Discus: Laumeyer, Nashua, 1st, 113-10; Mickayla Johnson, Hinsdale, 2nd, 86-01; Christina Jaynes, Dodson, 3rd, 84-03; Kirkaldie, Lustre Christian, 4th, 83-11: Farver, Scobey, 5th, 80-03; Challise Young, Saco, 6th, 73-01.
Javelin: : Laumeyer, Nashua, 1st, 112-09; Hallock, Scobey, 2nd, 107-04; Ferestad, Scobey, 3rd, 99-02; Cummings, Whitewater, 4th, 97-04; Nelson, Scobey, 5th, 82-05; Olivia Brown, Lustre Christian, 6th, 81-00.
High Jump: Fourstar, Frazer, 1st, 5-00.00; Zeller, Saco, 2nd, 4-10.00; Linder, Scobey, 3rd, 4-04.00; Eggar, Lustre Christian, 4th, 4-02.00; Brown, Lustre Christian, 5th, 4-00.00; Mia Rimoldi, Hinsdale, 6th, 3-08.00.
Pole Vault: Funk, Saco, 1st, 8-06.00; Johnson, Hinsdale, 2nd, 6-06.00; Rimoldi, Hinsdale, 3rd, 6-00.00.
Long Jump: Funk, Saco, 1st, 14-09.25; Kassidy Dahl, Scobey, 2nd, 14-07.75; Laumeyer, Nashua, 3rd, 14-05.00; Zeller, Saco, 4th, 14-03.00; Fourstar, Frazer, 5th, 14-02.25; Sarah Anderson, Scobey, 6th, 13-09.00.
Triple Jump: Funk, Saco, 1st, 32-03.50; Linder, Scobey, 2nd, 30-09.00; Kirkaldie, Lustre Christian, 3rd, 28-00.00.

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Lady Wolves Tame The “Beast Of The East” As Regular Season Closes

The Lady Wolves closed the regular tennis season defeating some of the competition from western Montana at the six-team Beast Of The East tournament in Choteau Friday and Saturday, May 5 and 6.

Wolves, Indians And Bearcubs Place At Top 10 Meet

Several track and field athletes from Wolf Point, Poplar and Frazer placed at the North/East Top 10 meet in Glasgow Tuesday, May 2.
The top athletes from hi-line and eastern Montana schools participated in the annual elite meet.

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American Legion Baseball Underway

The first American Legion baseball season for the Wolf Point Yellowjackets since 2011 started with a doubleheader in Glasgow Tuesday, May 9.

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Wolves Pocket 20 Top 6 Places At Wolf Point Meet

Wolf Point track and field athletes recorded 20 top six places at Wolf Point High School’s Gene Nelson Memorial Invite Friday, May 5, the final regular season meet.

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