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Culbertson BPA Competes At Regional, State Conferences

The Culbertson Business Professionals of America chapter traveled to Billings March 10 with 15 students to compete in the state leadership conference. In order to compete in the state conference, they had to qualify in the top 10 at the regional conference in Lambert Jan. 16.

The following students placed in the top 10 at regionals: Tristan Labatte, fifth, System Administration using Cisco; Mariah Cathey, second in Parli Procedures open testing, seventh in Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications; Tige Purvis, seventh, Database Applications; Kelsie Williams, ninth in Business Law & Ethics and fourth in Parli Pro open testing), Fallon Sunrhodes, third, Legal Office Procedures; Noah Nickoloff, fourth in System Administration using Cisco and fifth in Database Applications; Payton Hauge, firs in System Administration using Cisco, fourth in Advanced Spreadsheet Applications and fourth in Database Applications; Lucas Oelkers, first in Parli Pro open testing, first in Presentation Management Individual, first in Business Meeting Management Concepts, third in System Administration using Cisco and fifth in Advanced Spreadsheet Applications; Ashtyn Ator, third in Parli Pro open testing, eighth in Medical Office and 10th in Meeting Management Concepts; Clayton Marchwick, fourth, Basic Office Procedures; Gabe Granada, fourth in Advanced Accounting and fifth in Parli Pro open testing; and Jacob Crowder, sixth in System Administration using Cisco and sixth in Advanced Spreadsheet Application.
Also, at regionals, the team results were: Parli Pro Team took first, which consists of Lucas Oelkers, Gabe Granada, Eli Williams, Jacob, Ashtyn Ator, Mariah Cathey and Kelsie Williams; Broadcast News Team took first, consisting of Gabe Granada, Eli Williams and Jacob Crowder; Presentation Management Team took third place, Kelsie Williams, Mariah Cathey and Tige Pruvis; and Global Marketing Team took second with Fallon Sunrhodes and Cody Larsen.
At the state leadership conference March 10-12, 11 students qualified for the national competition in Anaheim, Calif, in May. To make nationals, students need to place in the top five in testing, top three in individual presentations and top two in team events. The following students qualified: Noah Nickoloff took first in Systems Administration using Cisco; Lucas Oelkers, third in System Administration using Cisco; and Tristan Labatte took fifth in System Administraiton using Cisco. Lucas Oelkers also took first place in Presentation Management Individual competition and the Culbertson Parli Pro Team took first place at state. Lucas Oelkers, Fallon Sunrhodes and Payton Hauge will also receive their torch ambassador awards at nationals.
This is a huge accomplishment for these students to qualify for state and national competition. Many of these students are involved in school activities and athletics and have to work on their projects in the evenings and weekends. It takes a lot of time and disciplined effort to prepare for tests that thry compete in.
The BPA program will be having various fundraising events in the next month to raise funds for their conference expenses. On April 7, the BPA program will be serving breakfast out at the Me Too Pizza Stagecoach location from 7 to 11 a.m. and then there will be a car wash at Oelkers Exxon from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.


Photo: Culbertson High School Business Professionals of American Presentation Management Team members (left to right) Mariah Cathey, Tige Purvis and Kelsie Williams competed at the state convention in Billings March 10.