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Culbertson Science Fair Held

On the day of this paper’s publication, Thursday, Feb. 7, 116 Culbertson Public School elementary and junior high students were busy at work displaying their poster boards and perfecting their presentations in preparation of the K-8 science fair. It will be open to the public from 6 until 7 p.m. in the school’s new gym in the elementary wing. Public entrance was at the south elementary doors.
The science fair is mandatory for fourth- through eighth-grade students but optional for kindergarten through third-grade students, according to science fair coordinator Amy Berwick, a fourth-grade teacher at Culbertson school.
Berwick spoke on the importance of the science fair for students as they each pick a project, form a hypothesis and carry out the experiment.
“It allows them to work through the scientific method. Sometimes, the results are what they predicted and sometimes they are not, just the same as scientists encounter in real life, and this is an important concept for students to understand,” she stated.
Students are able to visit with judges to discuss their project, giving them the opportunity to show their knowledge on the experiment.
The school will take fifth- through eighth-grade students that have received blue ribbons at the Culbertson K-8 Science Fair to the regional science fair in Havre.