School Board Elections: Hansen Vs. Headdress Sr.

Four candidates are currently seeking positions on the Wolf Point School board. Previously profiled candidates seeking a three-year term as at-large district trustee are incumbent Mark Zilkoski and Kaci Wallette. Candidates seeking a three-year term as district 2 trustee are incumbent Linda L. Hansen and Lonnie Headdress Sr.

Ballots may be returned to the Wolf Point School District office prior to poll closing time on Election Day, Tuesday, May 7, at 8 p.m. The district office is located at 213 6th Ave. South.

Linda L. Hansen
Current occupation: I am currently employed by the Sate of Montana as a child protection specialist.
Family members: My family members are my son Michael (wife Rain), who is a Native American studies/Assiniboine language instructor at Fort Peck Community College, and my son Jacob (wife Angie), who is an English teacher at Poplar Middle School. I lost my youngest child Russell when he was 19. I am married to Russ Hansen and have four stepchildren: Ramey, Rusty, Chrystal and Kevin. We have 14 grandchildren and two great-grandsons. We have grandchildren in each of the three schools in our school district.
Reason(s) you’re running: My reasons for seeking another term as a Wolf Point School board trustee are very simple. I love my community and I believe very strongly in education. My previous employment was in the educational field. My experiences in the field of education provide me with a background in school funding, student learning outcomes. accreditation standards and grant management. These skills have guided me in my role as a school board trustee.
Goals: My goal as a school board trustee is to first and foremost continually work to improve student achievement. Student achievement covers a broad area. It means setting policies and procedures that support the Wolf Point Schools’ mission statement. The board is influential with regard to fiscal planning, ensuring that the district is utilizing its financial resources in a prudent manner. The board maintains school facilities in two ways: keeping up the physical structures and to strive for a positive social environment for the entire Wolf Point student body.
Title VI Investigation: As the current vice chair of the Wolf Point School board, I cannot at this time comment of the ongoing investigation.
School week length: The recent community forum is the first step in the decision making process to determine a four-day versus a five-day school week. For me, the important factors in considering your school week should be student achievement, student outcomes (as they relate to attendance and graduation rates), and most importantly, what is best for ALL students in our community. The community forum brought forward topics of Friday medical appointments and student employment, but only a few commented on student learning.
One fun fact about yourself: I have traveled to 26 states in the United States. I have traveled all over the state of Montana. In one month, I drove 3,000 miles. In spite of my travels, I love being home and spending time at home!

Lonnie Headdress Sr.
Current occupation: Fort Peck Tribes executive board member.
Family members: Wife Juanita Headdress and six children, four grandchildren.
Reason(s) for running: Play a vital role in keeping our local schools on track, always with the students’ best interests in mind. They should be maintaining a strong organizational structure for their district, one that empowers the superintendent and district administrators to manage the schools, the teachers to effectively teach and the students to be supported in a thriving learning environment.
Goals: Establish a clear vision and high expectations for a quality education that supports strong student outcomes.
Title VI: In a way, it’s something that’s been a long time coming. I only hope that something good comes of it.
School week length: I, for one, wanted it to go back to five for the sake of the children but having four grandchildren in the school system and talking with them, they prefer the way it is now, four days.
One fun fact about yourself: I have been listening to hard rock music since my teens and still do to this day. It will never get old with me.