County DUI Task Force Considers Student Members

The Roosevelt County DUI Task Force met at the health department conference room in Wolf Point on Friday, April 5. Task force coordinator A.J. Allen, Roosevelt County Commissioner Gary Macdonald and Wolf Point School health teacher Cody Larson were in attendance.

The monthly meeting lasted just 15 minutes due to poor attendance. Coordinator Allen told The Herald-News that several regular members were ill or responding to family emergencies.
Allen told attendees about meetings with Poplar Schools administrators regarding the possibility of recruiting student members to attend task force meetings. Allen said the meetings were encouraging, with everyone agreeing the idea was both positive and plausible.
Macdonald also approved of admitting student members, indicating that he felt the idea was in line with the mission of the task force.
“That’s who we want to get anyway,” said Macdonald. “We want to reach the school-age kids.”
Allen updated members about the deadline for the DUI Task Force Scholarship Program. The scholarship is $500. Applicants are asked to submit personal essays on the theme of overcoming peer pressure and choosing not to drive while impaired by alcohol. Scholarship essay criteria and entry forms are available from counselors at all high schools in Roosevelt County. Essays and entry forms must be completed and returned to school counselors by Wednesday, April 17. The counselors will forward entries to the Roosevelt County Health Department.
A DUI crash simulation is scheduled at Wolf Point High School for Monday, May 13.
Parents and students seeking additional information about scholarships should contact Allen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 653-6212.
The next task force meeting is set for May 1 at the Roosevelt County Complex in Culbertson.