Police Ask For Community To Be Their Eyes And Ears

Though the old saying may go “April showers bring May flowers,” there is another even more important thing to remember as the weather warms up after the long, cold winter — “See something? Hear something? .... Say something.”
The Wolf Point Police Department is investigating increased reports of vehicles, garages, homes and businesses being broken into in the past week with the arrival of the warmer spring weather. Reports have been received from neighborhoods across Wolf Point of thieves ransacking vehicles left unlocked.
The WPPD has increased its night patrol presence with the return of Officer Tyler Osborne from the law enforcement academy where he just completed his training last week.
Even with this additional officer on night patrol, the WPPD is the primary agency responsible for over one square mile of area. One or two officers simply can not be everywhere at once.
Wolf Point residents are asked to call 911 to report anything suspicious at any hour of the day. Those 911 reports can help police locate criminals who were active on another block. The reports can give law enforcement direction of travel of the criminals.
Stolen property is often discarded in alleys. If residents find random items while checking their backyard areas, they are encouraged to call the department at 653-1093 or 911 if after office hours.
WPPD Chief Jeff Harada also reminds everyone to do a nightly “status check” before turning in for the night. Front door secure? Side door secure? Back door secure? Vehicle secure? Garage secure?
“Even if you’re ‘sure’ you locked your vehicle, take the time to double-check it,” Harada said. “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”
Harada also noted, “Don’t tempt thieves by leaving things of value in your vehicle.”
While the WPPD is not advocating for the community to take the law into their own hands, they do encourage all residents to be more aware of suspicious activity and to report it immediately.