Meeting Set To Assess School Week Length

The board of trustees for Wolf Point School District held their regular school board meeting at the Wolf Point High School library Monday, March 11. Trustees Corey E. Reum, Janice Wemmer-Kegley, Lanette Clark, Mark Zilkoski, vice chair Linda L. Hansen and chair Mark Kurokawa were in attendance.

A public meeting has been set to discuss the extension of the school week from four days to five. Community members interested in expressing their views are encouraged to join the board at the junior/senior high school auditorium Tuesday, March 26, at 7 p.m.
Superintendent Rob Osborne offered his resignation, effective at the end of the school year. The change won’t come as a surprise to the board, as Osborne had previously indicated his decision not to renew his contract for the coming year.
He told The Herald-News that he would not be reentering education and looks forward to spending time with his family in Billings.
Other resignations include bus monitor Rona Stevens, Northside assistant custodian Thomas IronShield and high school assistant track coach Eric Peterson.
A purchase order for the cleaning and re-coating of the JH/HS gym floor was approved in the amount of $7,458.90.
New hires for the junior high track team were approved. New additions to the coaching staff will include Cody Larson, Keyvin Brock and volunteer coach Corey Reum. Reum, who is also trustee, abstained from the vote. Hannah Struttman will be the new assistant track coach at the high school.
Additional new hires approved by the trustees include substitute teachers Arielle Umphreys, Noah Richardson, Rona Stevens, Deb Greenwood and Erin Adams. Carrie Talks Different was approved as JH/HS secretary. Trent Hamilton was hired as the substitute assistant custodian for the full-time JH/HS assistant custodian and Rain Turcotte was approved as a teacher at Southside School.
A resolution was introduced to express the board’s intent to impose an increase in levies. No new levies are being approved or asked for at this time. The board may choose to exercise their intent to qualify for state matching funds by an August deadline, or simply choose not to impose any new levies at all.
Funding is being discussed for new gym bleachers at the JH/HS. Half the bleachers were recently updated and the board appears set to proceed with additional improvements, pending bids and further board actions and votes.
Southside School principal Mary Beil submitted a monthly board report stating that 110 students have earned perfect attendance in February. Monthly attendance for first-graders was 92.3 percent.
Northside School principal Sharri Vandall reported that January’s Attendance Challenge was held Monday, Jan. 18. To be eligible, students must have perfect attendance and no tardies. Students played Bingo and ate nachos. Fifteen fourth-graders attended, as did 16 fifth-graders and 14 sixth-graders.
Junior high principal John Wetsit reports that after-school programs are underway.


Photo: Wolf Point High School Principal Kim Hanks’ monthly report shows an average attendance rate for grades 9-12 of 84.09 percent from Aug. 20, 2018, to Feb. 5, 2019. (By James Walling)