FedEx Operations To Relocate

Wolf Point Mayor Chris Dschaak told attendees at the regular city council meeting Feb. 19 that FedEx will be moving its locally-based operations to Glasgow, with facilities based in Williston, N.D, slated to pick up some deliveries.
FedEx employs six people in Wolf Point and pays $450 monthly rent to the city for the use of its Blaine Street address. Dschaak said no timeline has been set for the company’s departure.
The airport committee reports that the Montana Department of Transportation Aeronautics Division has provisionally approved a small loan in the amount of $2,500 to help pay for runway rehabilitation. The council has until June 2020 to formally apply for the loan.
Councilman Eldon Porras said firefighter Christopher Allen is no longer with the Wolf Point Volunteer Fire Department. Allen is moving to Billings. Porras said new applicants are welcome.
Dschaak shared an anonymous note addressed to members the fire department. It was left in the department’s mailbox last week along with a small monetary donation.
The note reads: “I think it was Monday night/Tuesday morning, a little after 1 a.m., I was awakened by my dogs howling. They were reacting to the fire alarm. I lay in bed listening to that alarm. It continued ― on and on ― until I thought that it must be some special kind of an alert, maybe because of the extreme cold. Then I thought about the extreme cold. I imagined getting out of my warm bed, climbing into my cold pickup and coaxing the engine to turn over. Going out into that extreme cold and working, perhaps for hours, in that extreme cold to extinguish a fire. The fire alarm stopped ringing. I pulled the covers up to my chin and lay in my warm bed. This isn’t much of a gesture, but it is my small way of saying thank you for getting out into the cold and answering the alarm, for keeping my home and me safe.”
The streets and alleys committee said notification of funds for 2019 came to $43,114.51, which is up by almost 50 percent from last year.
Costly repairs to the city’s water tanks have received a windfall. Indian Health Service will contribute up to $173,000 in matching funds for repairs to Tank 2. The city has the option of using the entirety of IHS funds before dipping into other resources to pay for the repairs. Dschaak estimates that repairs to Tank 2 will not exceed IHS funding by a large amount.
“It’s an absolute godsend,” said Dschaak.