School Board Approves Chanté Project Hires

The Wolf Point School board held its regular meeting at the high school library Monday, Feb. 11.

Following warrant registers and claims, board of trustees members voted to approve Jamie Reum as coordinator for the Chanté Project, an afterschool program. She will be doing double duty as secretary at the junior high and high school until that position can be filled. Dan Horsmon, Anthony DeRosa and Sharri Vandall were approved as afterschool coordinators for the project.
Custodial help was secured in the persons of Dustin Darby, Jeff LowDog and Maverick Smith, who were approved as assistant custodians for the junior high and high school. Trent Hamilton was approved as substitute assistant custodian for the junior high and high school.
Ronikka Kendall, Olivia Hooper, Alyssa Smith, Morgan Schaaf, Demi Henderson and Hannah Struttman were approved for the Southside School afterschool program. Michelle Calvin was approved for the Northside School afterschool program. Dezi Adams was approved for both programs.
The board accepted the resignation of Tyler Sterling, who was assistant custodian for the Southside School.
A settlement offer was approved for former district employee Kristine Raap, who was terminated for insubordination after nearly four years at a special board of trustees’ meeting Dec. 17. At that meeting, the effective date for Raap’s termination was made Dec. 22, 2015.
An offer of $15,000 was approved in the hope of avoiding further costly litigation.
About the settlement, superintendent Rob Osborn said, “This is a settlement that could and should have been avoided.”
Via written report, Southside School principal Mary Beil said approximately 115 students have earned perfect attendance in January. She said the students are lobbying for a dance party in the gym.
She stated that winter benchmark testing in December utilizing the MAP assessment showed growth across grade levels.
Northside School principal Sharri Vandall reported that family reading night was held Thursday, Jan. 17. She said 51 students and family members attend.
She said, “This was a great turnout considering the inclement weather. All Northside teachers were in attendance.”
January attendance at Northside School was at 91.24 percent school-wide.
High school principal Kim Hanks reported a 90.89 percent average attendance rate from Aug. 29, 2018, to Feb. 5, 2019.
She reported that LEP testing is completed for the school year and thanked staff members who took time out their schedules to administer the test.
Junior high principal John Wetsit shared the results of a “student voice survey.” The survey was designed to assess feelings of inclusion and participation in area students.
At-large trustee Mark Zilkoski expressed concerns about one statistic revealed in the survey. According to Zilkoski, over 50 percent of students queried stated that they felt they weren’t heard or listened to.
The trustees approved the annual regular school election, which is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7. It will elect two trustees for a three-year term.

Photo: Wolf Point Indian Education Committee chairman Kris FourStar addressed the trustees at the Wolf Point School board meeting Feb. 11. The next meeting of the committee is scheduled for March 11 at 5 p.m. in the high school library. The regularly scheduled board meeting starts at 6 p.m. (Photo by James Walling)