Commissioners Support Middle Of Nowhere Grant

The Roosevelt County Commissioners held their regularly scheduled meeting Tuesday, Jan. 15, in the commissioners’ office in Wolf Point.
A change in insurance providers was discussed during administrative issues. Tamara Crowder was in attendance representing Seitz Insurance Agency. The commissioners entertained changing from HUB International insurance for county claims.
Commissioner Gordon Oelkers said, “I think we need an insurance agent that is more engaged.”
Commissioners Gary Macdonald and Duane Nygaard voted against the switch, saying the county should give HUB another year to increase its safety course offerings and other cost-saving measures.
A memorandum of understanding with Sheridan County and the Roosevelt County roads department was approved, clarifying maintenance routes for the respective counties and other responsibilities.
The service area Sheridan County is responsible for includes County Line Road at Highway 16, proceeding east for 17.5 miles. According to the agreement, Roosevelt County will perform the general road maintenance services on the Lost Creek road, south of Homestead, beginning at Highway 350. The county also agrees to maintain Homestead Road S-350 beginning at the end of the paved secondary and proceeding west for .5 miles.
The commissioners approved a letter of support for a grant proposal prepared by Dr. Justin Blessinger of the Dakota State University AdapT Lab. Blessinger is seeking funding to test the utility of a prototype technology to assist members of the community in opening the button-controlled accessibility doors at the courthouse and/or calling elevators by proximity.
Blessinger stated, “Specifically, we are happy to allow the installation and testing of these prototypes at the county courthouse and senior center located immediately across the street from the courthouse.”
The letter references nearby Glasgow’s designation as the “middle of nowhere” by the Washington Post and NBC news.
Nygaard said the grant is targeted for places, “Located in the middle of nowhere with minorities. We have both.”
Blessinger grew up in the Wolf Point area and is a Wolf Point High School graduate.
Claims totaling $160,592.97 as of Jan. 10 were approved.