Fyfe Retires From Farmers Union Lumber

Wolf Point’s Dave Fyfe, 65, says he was talked into the job at Farmers Union Lumber in Wolf Point when he was just out of high school by his old boss Chet Wienke.
He tried ranching and farming with Bruce Brookman for around four years first, but found it wasn’t for him.
“I’m not a cowboy,” Fyfe told The Herald-News during his retirement send-off at Farmers Union Lumber True Value in Wolf Point on Tuesday, Jan. 22.
He estimated 18 people, including friends and family, joined staff in celebrating his run with refreshments and balloons. I counted two more attendees entering as I was slipping out the door.
Fyfe started at the lumber yard in 1989, making his time as the business’ manager a whopping 41½ years.
“It’s pretty much the only job I’ve ever had,” said Fyfe.
He added, “All the friends I’ve had through here have been amazing.”
Asked how he plans to spend his idle hours, Fyfe said, “Fishing.”
He will also be clocking approximately 20 hours per week on his own schedule cleaning and maintaining parks in the area for the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks.
Parks Fyfe will be maintaining include Bridge Park in Wolf Point and Snowden Bridge park near Bainville.
Gary Herzog, who has 19 years on the job, will replace Fyfe as manager.