Kitchen Offers Free Meals To Hungry Locals

Wolf Point’s Harry Beauchamp Jr. and Don LaRoque have been serving up free meals out of the Beauchamp building across from the Roosevelt County Detention Center in Wolf Point for almost three months. Apart from some initial private contributions gathered at a photography exhibit in Bozeman last June, the duo have been using their own resources to keep the kitchen cooking.

The informal soup kitchen opens up officially at 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, but LaRoque, Beauchamp and kitchen help Royal Lindsay are usually around the place warming up food and chatting earlier in the day.
Typically, the kitchen has been feeding around 15 people, many of them area children. A high attendance mark of 50 was hit this month, with a low of three on Christmas Day. There are often several pregnant women dining and a few regulars from the nearby homeless shelter round out the typical guest list.
“We feed kids first,” LaRoque told The Herald-News in December. “Then women, then men. But there’s always enough food.”
Beauchamp and LaRoque are funding the meals out of pocket for now, but would welcome contributions and support. According to Beauchamp, they don’t have 501(c)3 nonprofit status yet, but would welcome assistance with that process too. The duo is open to outside support. They received a commercial coffee urn and a new microwave from the Wolf Point Lions Club Jan. 3.
Recently, local artist Nathan Beaudry completed a mural on the kitchen’s interior east wall designed to honor the memory of Beauchamp’s sons, Harry Beauchamp III and Dennis Albert Beauchamp, who died in 2010. Beauchamp’s Indian name was Rolling Thunder Boy. Beaudry incorporated symbolic elements in his mural referencing the name. Beaudry also paid homage to Beauchamp III, whose Indian name was Mountain Eagle Boy. According to LaRoque, the new mural is popular with youth who eat at the kitchen.
The kitchen is located at 103 First Ave. East. For more information, contact LaRoque at 406-688-8669.