Emergency Planning Committee Meets In Poplar

The Local Emergency Planning Committee met in Poplar at the Fort Peck Community College library Tuesday, Jan. 8.
Roosevelt County Commissioner Gordon Oelkers, Lyle Lambert from the Bainville Fire Department, committee chairman Lee Allmer, Fort Peck Tribes Disaster and Emergency Services coordinator Rusty Boxer and Roosevelt County DES coordinator Lindsey McNabb were in attendance.
According to McNabb, a tabletop planning exercise is in the works, looking at area responses to a hypothetical measles outbreak. Tabletop exercises allow the planning committee to test their emergency plans in an informal, low-stress environment. The exercises typically result in an action plan to clarify roles and responsibilities and to identify additional needs. The exercise is planned for the Feb. 25 regular meeting.
The Fort Peck Tribes have a tabletop active shooter exercise planned for Jan. 17.
McNabb discussed the preparation of a Homeland Security grant. She explained that the grant would cover the expense of additional warning sirens; including sirens for the airport addition in Poplar and Wolf Point’s north side neighborhood. News on the application should be forthcoming by the end of February.
McNabb has nearly finished preparing the 2019-20 Emergency Performance Grant. It is a matching grant contributing to county salary costs, supplies, tower management and training.
The committee is updating its list of area emergency shelters. McNabb is attempting to verify shelter specs with the American Red Cross.
The LEPC membership database is being updated. According to McNabb, attendance at LEPC meetings has been declining. She hopes to encourage members to attend more of the regularly scheduled meetings. The Feb. 25 meeting will be held in Culbertson.