El Tenampa, Fiesta Mexicana Closed For Business

Sources within El Tenampa Mexican restaurant in Wolf Point told The Herald-News recently that changes in immigration policy put in place during the current administration have resulted in a dramatic reduction in staff.
Following actions by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents, so many employees at the Wolf Point and Glasgow branches of the restaurant group have been arrested or otherwise detained, deported or prevented from working that the restaurants are closed until further notice.
Details could not be confirmed with CBP officials, due to the partial government shutdown.
The popular eateries are both located within Elks’ clubs in their respective cities. Nothing is currently known about staffing levels at other locations. As of 2017, the group included locations in Helena, Shelby, Belgrade, Bozeman, Glendive and Miles City.
The Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture presented El Tenampa with a First Dollar Award June 15, 2017.