Christmas Stroll Sees Early Rush

Despite some rain on top of typical wintertime conditions, there was an early rush at the outset of the Christmas Stroll Dec. 1. “A lot of people came early,” said Wolf Point Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture director Nicole Huber. Her conservative estimate of 150 children in attendance was based on the 115 pictures with Santa taken by photographer Hayley Heser.

Challenging weather is to be expected and Heser said she left the event laughing about the snow flying sideways into her impromptu gazebo studio set.
“I was laughing because it was flying everywhere but it didn’t show up in the pictures,” said Heser. “I was hoping it would.”
According to Huber, most of the vendors were packing up before the scheduled time of 8 p.m. due to thinning attendance and the blustery weather. One event station had to be canceled entirely.
“We may adjust next year,” said Huber. “Maybe we’ll start earlier.” Huber was enthusiastic about the turnout. All of the hosted events and games were free. “People just do it to feel good,” said Huber.
Christmas Stroll committee member Jerald Petersen confirmed the addition one new lighted display, purchased by the Wolf Point Lions Club.
To participate in next year’s event, contact the chamber at 653-2012.